Zac Efron Gone Under The Knife

Zachary David Alexander “Zac” Efron is a popular American actor, singer, and producer. He started his acting career in the early 2000s but rose to fame only after his lead role in the High School Musical franchise (2006–08). He went on to give amazing performances in movies like Hairspray (2007), 17 Again (2009), New Year’s Eve (2011), The Lucky One (2012), That Awkward Moment (2014), Neighbors (2014), and Dirty Grandpa (2016). Zac Efron is a Hollywood heartthrob who is immensely famous with the youth audiences.


Zac Efron is no longer the cute little Disney dreamboat that he once was. Now that he’s all grown up and looking a bit more mature and quite a bit different than in his Disney dancing days. Zac Efron had such a baby like face in the High School Musical series that he could have believably been cast as either sex. But the Zac Efron that we see now, he has a thoroughly masculine face, leading many to wonder whether he grew out of his ambiguity on his own or he took the help of plastic surgery.

The 29 year old Hollywood hunk has been sporting a more defined jaw line recently, which has stirred up rumors that he may have undergone a chin implant. While some of his fans believe that he may have simply lost some baby fat, as a result of which the bone structure has become more prominent. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer agrees ” As teens grow their faces will thin out and become more defined such as his did. He looks great. He has strong and defined facial features that give him a very masculine look.”


However, another feature of his that is more obviously altered, is his nose. There have been several rumors that Zac Efron may have had a rhinoplasty , or in simpler terms- a nose job, which is apparently the reason that the tip of his nose appears to be more sculpted.The alleged procedure took place soon after the filming of High School Musical 2 wrapped up. The change was nothing too dramatic but subtle.

Photos taken after the nose job supposedly shows Efron with a slightly narrower, less prominent nose. Established cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston also agrees that the young Efron my have had nasal surgery. According to him, Zac’s nose tip cartilages appear smaller than before and the nasal bones appear to have been narrowed. Whether it is a nose job or a natural phenomenon, it is a job well done. The end result is that the chocolate boy has added a bit ruggedness to his face.


Apart of having been rumored to have had work done on his face, people have been speculationing that Zac may have relied on steroids to get buff and build on those biceps. That is tge thing about being popular, whatever you do, everything is looked at with a magnifying glass and every step you take, you are judged by hundreds. Plastic surgery or not, we like Zac Efron’s new look. He’s won many more hearts with his rugged handsomeness.

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