Kangana Ranaut Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kangana Ranaut is an accomplished Indian film actress. She has established a great career in Bollywood and is one of the highest-paid actresses in India. Kangana is known in the media for taking a stand for whatever she believes in, in public without worrying about being diplomatic. She is the proud recipient of several awards, including three National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards in four categories.Her bubbly smile and next to perfect features have taken away a million hearts.


At the age of sixteen, she moved to Delhi from her hometown and briefly became a model. She made her feature film debut in the 2006 with the thriller Gangster, for which she was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. Kangana’s real success came from her mesmerizing performance in the movie “Queen” as Rani.

Kangana Ranaut made a place for herself in Bollywood with her unique fashion statement and her intense acting. However, we have observed some changes in her appearance over the years. Her pouty lips have often fetched her many compliments, but allegedly, she went through a lip job to get those lovely lips. Over time, her pout has increased noticeably, which may be the result of collagen injections. But Kangana has repeatedly denied these claims.


In addition to a possible lip enhancement, Kangana Ranaut may have had a face lift. The twenty nine year old actress appears to have an altered jawline along with cheeks that seem to have been lifted higher. The changes in her face are quite subtle and noticeable, if you look closely. Also if you see the more recent pictures of Kangana, you’ll notice that her breasts appear to be larger and rounder, suggesting that she may have had breast augmentation.


Despite persistent rumours, Kangana Ranaut has always vehemently denied having any cosmetic surgery. While her appearance looks quite altered, it is possible that the changes are the outcome of fluctuating weight and meticulously done makeup, rather than surgery.Well, until she owns up to one of the surgeries, all this is just conjecture.

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