Cat Woman Plastic Surgery Story With Pictures

Jocelyn Wildenstein   or popularly known as Cat woman was born on August 5, 1940 is a New York City socialite who is a household name for her controversial life that includes   extensive facial surgeries, divorce from Alec Wildenstein in 1999, and her extravagantly luxurious lifestyle which is evident from her — yearly telephone bill at $60,000 and food and wine costs at $547,000. She is a skilled hunter and a pilot

cat woman plastic surgery

Jocelyne Périsset was born in Lausanne, Switzerland; her father worked in a sporting goods store and was brought up in a middle class atmosphere but she began dating big catches at the age of 17. Finally she married   Alec Wildenstein – who was a member of Wildenstein that is a wealthy family of art dealers .

But marrying this hot shot was not a desired success , Cat woman underwent so many surgeries to look like a cat because she simply wanted to impress his billionaire husband who loved big cats . Later , this socialite took a divorce from Mr.Wildenstein because he found him in her room with a 19 year old Russian model. Their divorce was termed as ” scandalous ” , the presiding judge ordered that Cat woman can’t use any of the alimony payments for further cosmetic surgery.

cat woman face lift

She garnered half of the fame because of her controversial divorce and half for her explicit surgeries. Her unnatural appearance is subject to criticism but this lady is very confident about her looks and do not shy off in flaunting her surgeries.

She is said to have incurred a Whooping amount of $4 million on her attempt to look like a cat. Although such results can shatter someone’s belief forever but Cat woman is an example to behold who embraces her own spirit no matter what the world tells her and has always appreciated the work of her surgeons may be because she got what she desired .

cat woman nose job

Her bizzare looks are surely scary to onlookers but her story and confidence for the same makes that someone melt too easily and gives a lesson to preach that is to love your skin always is one of the eternal love.

These surgeries are surely nightmare but according to her it was the same she always wished for and she got it done out of the fear that her billionaire husband would replace her because of her fading age thus she then took the bold step to get those cat like features.

It’s extremely hard to name the surgeries that she underwent , because she had almost all the random surgeries ordinary people can think of , there are chances that your wildest guesses can be true. Still the most Obvious procedures can be



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