Julia Roberts Before and After Plastic Surgery Treatment


Born on 28 October, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia, to Betty Lou and Walter Grady Roberts, one-time actors and playwrights, and is of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, and Swedish descent. She had immense love for animals and always wished to become a veterinarian, but later studied journalism. With her brother gaining success in Hollywood she tried to kick start with acting and got her first break in two youth oriented movies, Mystic pizza and Satisfaction. With her coming into limelight she suddenly gained a lot of fan following and she instantly fell in love with the profession.

julia roberts plastic surgery

Her biggest success came in with her signature movie Pretty Woman in 1990, for which she even received an Oscar nomination and also won People’s Choice Award for Favourite Actress. She has always been loved for her role in various films and as various characters be it Tinkerbelle or the rom- com kind of girl.

Julia has also become involved with UNICEF charities and has made visits to many different countries, including Haiti and India, in order to promote goodwill. Julia Robert remains one of the most popular and sought-after talents in Hollywood.


Always known for her beautiful and enchanting smile, she has lately shown signs that much as she is refusing to her rumours of undergoing a plastic surgery. Her fresh and enthralling looks are clearly visible and reflected in each look of hers.

julia roberts nose job

Among the most valued Hollywood stars she is also one of them who have opted for plastic surgery to slow down the natural process of ageing.

Her ever beautiful smile is a result of her refined teeth. She has undergone a transformation from a buck- toothed girl to a girl with a shining bright smile. It is all a result of her undergoing cosmetic procedures. Her lips are not thinning as one must bear at this age, but they’re plump enough to hold the star. Also, her cheeks are not too loose to cause a breakdown and surely have undergone a change to reflect the non- wrinkling face structure.

For many ageing woman, the problem of sagging skin around their eyes is a matter of immense worry and the same was with Roberts. She has now undergone a considerable change and the change is visible. The youthfulness and vigour in her eyes is reflected and the eyelids have been very well surfaced. On comparing her before and after pictures it is clearly visible that she has even had a nose job done.

julia roberts skin lift

Regardless of these rumours, Julia Roberts has maintained that she has never sought to delay her aging in any way. In fact, she insists that she would like to age naturally so that her kids would know when she was happy, sad or in-between. At one point, she even asserted that she had risked her career by not having a facelift. People say that julia did all this surgery to fulfill her  best friend’s birthday wish, Sounds weird Right?.


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