Anna Faris was born on November 29, 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland, to Karen, a special ed teacher, and Jack Faris, a sociologist. Her ancestry includes English, German, Scottish, French, Dutch and Welsh.

She started acting when she was very young but was not a professional actor. She loved to watch plays and eventually produced her own with children in her neighbourhood. Her first job was at the Seattle Repertory Theatre at age nine, which she loved and performed local plays and readings.


She has a multi- tasking personality and has even tried photography and journalism. She has graduated from the University of Washington in English Literature and has been to London for writing and literature work. Her first movie was just a sudden incoming when she signed with a management industry and before she could even understand her take towards her job , she was selected for the Scary Movie in 2000.She is famous for films like ‘Cloudy With Meat Balls’, ‘The House Bunny’ and ‘Mom.’


Anna Faris has always been surrounded by plastic surgery reports and since these speculations are there she has been appearing differently time by time. So what kind of plastic procedures has she had??


Speculations are that she has had a nose job, boob job, brow lift, Botox injections and has even had fillers around her face. Her breast implant have surely made her breasts look fuller, and much bigger. She now appears sexier with those breasts. Also her nose job has been revealing because it now looks more flat and is an identifying feature of her face now.


Her Botox and filler injection has had a magical effect on her face. Her surgeon has successfully erased the wrinkles and lines on her face. It is making her look 10 years younger now. Her face is now a bit stiffer but reflects an unnatural impression due to the changed face structure. She is even speculated to have some lip fillers which has resulted into fuller and sexier lips. Also a brow lift is very prominent as the sagging skin around her eyes is now very clear and wrinkle- free. Though she has undergone the knife, but still she remains relevant in proving her style and carrying herself gracefully.


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