Zac Efron Gone Under The Knife

Zachary David Alexander “Zac” Efron is a popular American actor, singer, and producer. He started his acting career in the early 2000s but rose to fame only after his lead role in the High School Musical franchise (2006–08). He went on to give amazing performances in movies like Hairspray (2007), 17 Again (2009), New Year’s Eve (2011), The Lucky One (2012), That Awkward Moment (2014), Neighbors (2014), and Dirty Grandpa (2016). Zac Efron is a Hollywood heartthrob who is immensely famous with the youth audiences.


Zac Efron is no longer the cute little Disney dreamboat that he once was. Now that he’s all grown up and looking a bit more mature and quite a bit different than in his Disney dancing days. Zac Efron had such a baby like face in the High School Musical series that he could have believably been cast as either sex. But the Zac Efron that we see now, he has a thoroughly masculine face, leading many to wonder whether he grew out of his ambiguity on his own or he took the help of plastic surgery.

The 29 year old Hollywood hunk has been sporting a more defined jaw line recently, which has stirred up rumors that he may have undergone a chin implant. While some of his fans believe that he may have simply lost some baby fat, as a result of which the bone structure has become more prominent. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer agrees ” As teens grow their faces will thin out and become more defined such as his did. He looks great. He has strong and defined facial features that give him a very masculine look.”


However, another feature of his that is more obviously altered, is his nose. There have been several rumors that Zac Efron may have had a rhinoplasty , or in simpler terms- a nose job, which is apparently the reason that the tip of his nose appears to be more sculpted.The alleged procedure took place soon after the filming of High School Musical 2 wrapped up. The change was nothing too dramatic but subtle.

Photos taken after the nose job supposedly shows Efron with a slightly narrower, less prominent nose. Established cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston also agrees that the young Efron my have had nasal surgery. According to him, Zac’s nose tip cartilages appear smaller than before and the nasal bones appear to have been narrowed. Whether it is a nose job or a natural phenomenon, it is a job well done. The end result is that the chocolate boy has added a bit ruggedness to his face.


Apart of having been rumored to have had work done on his face, people have been speculationing that Zac may have relied on steroids to get buff and build on those biceps. That is tge thing about being popular, whatever you do, everything is looked at with a magnifying glass and every step you take, you are judged by hundreds. Plastic surgery or not, we like Zac Efron’s new look. He’s won many more hearts with his rugged handsomeness.

Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery


Bipasha Basu is an Indian model and actress who was born to a Bengali family in Delhi. She did her schooling from Apeejay High School. She became the Ford Supermodel of the world when she was just 17. She was flown to New York by the Ford Company and began her successful modeling career. After making a place for herself in modeling she began her career in acting and made her film debut with the supporting role in the thriller Ajnabee. Basu is particularly known for her work in thriller and horror film genres. Through her film career, she has become one of Bollywood’s highest paid actresses and one of the most popular and high profile celebrities in India.


Her first leading role was in the horror film Raaz which earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Actress nomination. She was noted for playing a seductress in the erotic thriller Jism. Her other top grossing films include No Entry, Phir Hera Pheri, Dhoom2, Race, Bachna Ae Haseeno and many more. Bipasha Basu has also been given the title of Bollywood’s “Scream Queen” due to her contribution towards horror in India. She has also appeared on over 40 magazine covers. She has won many accolades for her performance in different films. She is a fabulous actress.

Bipasha is known to be one of the most beautiful women in India. Ever since her first film she has been established as a sex symbol- a woman who had great looks along with perfect body. She is also known as fitness freak. Given all this it is a kind of shocking news that the actress had gone for plastic surgeries. The perfect looks of her lead to the speculations about what kinds of plastic surgeries she did. In the start of her career Bipasha was very slim and her breasts were smaller. Later as the actress gained weight her breast became fuller and this was due to breast implant that she had. Her prominent, perfectly round breast are the result of that implant procedure.


Not only this the actress had also gone for rhinoplasty surgery which gave her a perfect nose that adds a lot to her facial harmony. A visible difference can be noticed in her nose. Although it is smaller and sharper now, earlier Bipasha had a comparatively bigger nose with a slightly bulbous tip and wider nostrils. Her nose looks so different than before. Even though her age is increasing, there has been hardly any change in the actress’s looks. This is because she has been going for a Botox treatment which has helped her to look so attractive. Her face shows no signs of ageing. Her skin is tight and radiant as it was years back.


Bipasha always look pretty and gorgeous and the reason for her good looks is the surgical procedures. Even the international people also admit that she is very beautiful. There has been a remarkable difference in her looks over the years but this has made her all the more successful.


Kangana Ranaut Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kangana Ranaut is an accomplished Indian film actress. She has established a great career in Bollywood and is one of the highest-paid actresses in India. Kangana is known in the media for taking a stand for whatever she believes in, in public without worrying about being diplomatic. She is the proud recipient of several awards, including three National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards in four categories.Her bubbly smile and next to perfect features have taken away a million hearts.


At the age of sixteen, she moved to Delhi from her hometown and briefly became a model. She made her feature film debut in the 2006 with the thriller Gangster, for which she was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. Kangana’s real success came from her mesmerizing performance in the movie “Queen” as Rani.

Kangana Ranaut made a place for herself in Bollywood with her unique fashion statement and her intense acting. However, we have observed some changes in her appearance over the years. Her pouty lips have often fetched her many compliments, but allegedly, she went through a lip job to get those lovely lips. Over time, her pout has increased noticeably, which may be the result of collagen injections. But Kangana has repeatedly denied these claims.


In addition to a possible lip enhancement, Kangana Ranaut may have had a face lift. The twenty nine year old actress appears to have an altered jawline along with cheeks that seem to have been lifted higher. The changes in her face are quite subtle and noticeable, if you look closely. Also if you see the more recent pictures of Kangana, you’ll notice that her breasts appear to be larger and rounder, suggesting that she may have had breast augmentation.


Despite persistent rumours, Kangana Ranaut has always vehemently denied having any cosmetic surgery. While her appearance looks quite altered, it is possible that the changes are the outcome of fluctuating weight and meticulously done makeup, rather than surgery.Well, until she owns up to one of the surgeries, all this is just conjecture.

Kate Garry Hudson Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Kate Garry Hudson was born on April 19, 1979 is an American actress and rose to desired fame in 2000 for playing Penny Lane in Almost Famous and won   a Golden Globe for the same .Her other films include How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Raising Helen (2004), The Skeleton Key (2005), You, Me and Dupree (2006), Fool’s Gold (2008), and Bride Wars (2009).


A Los Angelite by birth , Hudson, had acting in her blood as she was born to an actor couple however they separated when Kate was not even 2 years old   and her mother shifted their base to Snowmass, Colorado.Hudson very frankly calls her mother’s long time boyfriend Kurt Russell as her father because she has no links with her biological father and relies on her mother as only source of inspiration.

Apart from the fact that she was born to actor parents she chose the road less travelled to make sure that people appreciate her as an individual.This Jewish brat had the courage to turn down her chance of pursuing an undergraduate degree to chase her dreams of being an actress.No doubt her stint in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous (2000) was her breakthrough role to get a good gripping in the glamour world .


After gaining enough acting she went behind the camera to direct a I short film Cutlass , learnt scuba diving for some of her   movie’s underwater scenes and went ahead withCo-founding   Fabletics, a fitness brand and membership program operated by JustFab. Recently the sudden changes in her appearance are doing the rounds , she is said to have undergone two of the most common surgeries of Hollywood , yes you guessed them right ,   rhinoplasty and breast job.

Kate hudson’s surgeries result show that she was quite lucky that her decision of going under the knife helped her in getting polished and defined features and break the common assumptions that plastic surgeries fail to give the desired results . The reason that she underwent these surgeries has been very clear since the start that ” she was insecure about her looks especially her derriere ” thus there was no better option than some cosmetic help.

All the fans of Kate Hudson were immediately stimulated on seeing her and   didn’t need any formal confirmation to judge the sudden changes , now her breast looks well defined and structured as compared to the size she said in early years of her career.


Her breast size show some considerable difference   thus making her bold decision a rational one   to survive in wild Hollywood ,puffed breast is a must for actresses.There is no scope in Hollywood to embrace your natural features if they are not attractive enough.The list of breast augmentation clients   is quite long including the likes of Victoria Beckham .

And her Rhinoplasty (is also talked about )

This surgery was way too far to be termed as natural   and was easily noticable . Nose job is technically termed as rhinoplasty which is very common and the procedure is simple.Her nose now complements her face well as now her nose has slimmed down to sharper shape and the nasal bridge seems to be well defined , she got this surgery done because she thought that her nose lacked that charm.

Overall , Kate Hudson had been very lucky to get some good result oriented plastic help that added the desired features to her face. Her sharper nose and narrower bridge adds the desired look to her face.Her rhinoplasty stands out elegantly and makes her look pretty   and young .

Anushka Sharma lip Plastic Surgery


Anushka Sharma, an Indian film actress and producer was born in Ayodha, Uttar Pradesh. She has established her career in Hindi Cinema and is one of the most popular actresses in India. Anushka originally intended to pursue her career in modeling or journalism and had no aspirations to be an actress. She began her modeling at the Lakme Fashion Week. Since then she had done campaigns for the brands Silk & Shine, Nathella Jewellery, Fiat Palio etc. Following an audition at Yash Raj Films, she made her film debut in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi for which she received nomination for the Filmafare Award for Best Actress.


The blockbuster hit Band Baaja Baraat marked a turning point in her career, earning her praise and fame.Anushka was lucky enough to grab a 3 film contract with Yash Raj films to give a kick start to her acting career. In 2012 Sharma won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress for portraying a documentary filmmaker in the Yash Chopra romance Jab Tak Hai Jaan. She then went on to work in films that got her huge fan following as well as critical acclaim.

She has been seen in hit films like Badmash Company, Patiala House,PK, NH10 and many more.  She has already won 5 prestigious awards in her 11 films career. Anushka is definitely one of the most promising actress in Bollywood today.


The actress along with her acting is also famous for her plastic surgery procedures. When she came as a guest in famous celebrity talk show Koffee with Karan, her lips caught the kind of attention she wouldn’t have wished for even in her nightmares.

Her pictures revealed that she had a lip job which lead to a drastic change in her lips. Anushka might have gone for the surgery with a desire to have fuller lips. Post surgery however, her lips looked swollen as if they were bee stung. Her lip job had left her fans under shock as her lower lip appeared disproportionally bigger than the upper one. This became the most prominent feature of her face after surgery and her enhanced lips created a difficulty for her to smile as before.


Earlier Anushka was known for her cuteness due to her smile curling inwards giving her a chirpy wide look. But her surgical procedure had completely transformed her looks. Although Anushka Sharma always denies her lip job and said that she was against the idea of making unnatural changes to her body. She claimed that her ‘out of proportion’ lips were a result of some temporary lip enhancing tools coupled with other makeup techniques.

Being such a successful actress, Anushka Sharma has ruined her beauty by getting lip procedure. Her lip job is one of the most discussed cosmetic procedures in regards to Indian actresses. Despite constant denials by Bollywood star’s team, it was not difficult to conceal the changes that she has undergone.

Cat Woman Plastic Surgery Story With Pictures

Jocelyn Wildenstein   or popularly known as Cat woman was born on August 5, 1940 is a New York City socialite who is a household name for her controversial life that includes   extensive facial surgeries, divorce from Alec Wildenstein in 1999, and her extravagantly luxurious lifestyle which is evident from her — yearly telephone bill at $60,000 and food and wine costs at $547,000. She is a skilled hunter and a pilot

cat woman plastic surgery

Jocelyne Périsset was born in Lausanne, Switzerland; her father worked in a sporting goods store and was brought up in a middle class atmosphere but she began dating big catches at the age of 17. Finally she married   Alec Wildenstein – who was a member of Wildenstein that is a wealthy family of art dealers .

But marrying this hot shot was not a desired success , Cat woman underwent so many surgeries to look like a cat because she simply wanted to impress his billionaire husband who loved big cats . Later , this socialite took a divorce from Mr.Wildenstein because he found him in her room with a 19 year old Russian model. Their divorce was termed as ” scandalous ” , the presiding judge ordered that Cat woman can’t use any of the alimony payments for further cosmetic surgery.

cat woman face lift

She garnered half of the fame because of her controversial divorce and half for her explicit surgeries. Her unnatural appearance is subject to criticism but this lady is very confident about her looks and do not shy off in flaunting her surgeries.

She is said to have incurred a Whooping amount of $4 million on her attempt to look like a cat. Although such results can shatter someone’s belief forever but Cat woman is an example to behold who embraces her own spirit no matter what the world tells her and has always appreciated the work of her surgeons may be because she got what she desired .

cat woman nose job

Her bizzare looks are surely scary to onlookers but her story and confidence for the same makes that someone melt too easily and gives a lesson to preach that is to love your skin always is one of the eternal love.

These surgeries are surely nightmare but according to her it was the same she always wished for and she got it done out of the fear that her billionaire husband would replace her because of her fading age thus she then took the bold step to get those cat like features.

It’s extremely hard to name the surgeries that she underwent , because she had almost all the random surgeries ordinary people can think of , there are chances that your wildest guesses can be true. Still the most Obvious procedures can be



Angelina Jolie Before And After Plastic Surgery

Angelina Jolie Pitt born on June 4, 1975 is a celebrated American actress, filmmaker, and a humanitarian. She has a bevy of awards to flaunt her amazing acting skills and many male fans to prove that she is is a diva . She made her own fortune and is known as as Hollywood’s highest-paid actress. Jolie is daughter of actor Jon Voight and made her onscreen debut with her dad itself in Lookin’ to Get Out (1982). However Her actual career started with Cyborg 2 (although it was not nota big success but landed her a major role in Hackers (1995).

Angelina Jolie nose job

She has always been praised an applauded for her humanitarian efforts, she was even facilitated with a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and an honorary damehood of the Order of St Michael and St George (DCMG), among other honors. She had been actively involved in promotion of various causes, including conservation, education, and women’s rights, and is highly noted for her advocacy on behalf of refugees as a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Because of her involvment in such issues her name came out to be the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry . Her personal life has always chased public interest from her divorces to a fairytale wedding with international heart rob “Brad Pitt” and adoption of her three children.

Angelina Jolie skin lift

Her early school life at Beverly Hills High School were not successful she was bullied for her nerdy looks. Later she went to some different school with a transformed image and was named “ outsider punk” for wearing all black clothes and tattoes etc.

She has always remained in limelight sometimes for good and sometimes for bad but now what’s being talked about her is her plastic surgery .“Not one , but many”, that’s what the critics exclaimed if questioned about Jolie’s artificial makeover.
Her road to stardom is said to be carved out through those plastic surgeries like that of nose job (Rhinoplasty), boob job (breast implants), facelift, Botox or other fillers injections.

Angelina Jolie lip surgery

Angelina Jolie’s first encounter with surgey started with a a rhinoplasty , she is speculated to have got it done before her modeling career began . Her recent images show a better , demarcated nose shape than before , now she has a sharper , thinner and a smaller nose , thus her nose job is said to be successful as now her nose fits her face cut well , but her nose job was subject of old discussions and Jolie has done all her efforts to call it a rumour the focus presently has shifted to her other surgeries
Apart from a nose enhancement the rumours were buzzing that she had a boob job, facelift, Botox or other fillers injections. But, these rumors can’t be declared as facts since she never accepted them officially.

No matter what she underwent or not she would always be every girls first inspiration and every guy’s first crush .



Anna Faris was born on November 29, 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland, to Karen, a special ed teacher, and Jack Faris, a sociologist. Her ancestry includes English, German, Scottish, French, Dutch and Welsh.

She started acting when she was very young but was not a professional actor. She loved to watch plays and eventually produced her own with children in her neighbourhood. Her first job was at the Seattle Repertory Theatre at age nine, which she loved and performed local plays and readings.


She has a multi- tasking personality and has even tried photography and journalism. She has graduated from the University of Washington in English Literature and has been to London for writing and literature work. Her first movie was just a sudden incoming when she signed with a management industry and before she could even understand her take towards her job , she was selected for the Scary Movie in 2000.She is famous for films like ‘Cloudy With Meat Balls’, ‘The House Bunny’ and ‘Mom.’


Anna Faris has always been surrounded by plastic surgery reports and since these speculations are there she has been appearing differently time by time. So what kind of plastic procedures has she had??


Speculations are that she has had a nose job, boob job, brow lift, Botox injections and has even had fillers around her face. Her breast implant have surely made her breasts look fuller, and much bigger. She now appears sexier with those breasts. Also her nose job has been revealing because it now looks more flat and is an identifying feature of her face now.


Her Botox and filler injection has had a magical effect on her face. Her surgeon has successfully erased the wrinkles and lines on her face. It is making her look 10 years younger now. Her face is now a bit stiffer but reflects an unnatural impression due to the changed face structure. She is even speculated to have some lip fillers which has resulted into fuller and sexier lips. Also a brow lift is very prominent as the sagging skin around her eyes is now very clear and wrinkle- free. Though she has undergone the knife, but still she remains relevant in proving her style and carrying herself gracefully.


Goldie Hawn Nose Job


Born on November 21, 1945 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA to Laura Hawn, a jewellery shop/dance school owner, and Rut Hawn, a band musician. At the age of three, Goldie began taking ballet and tap dance lessons and, at the age of ten, she danced in the chorus of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo production of “The Nutcracker”. At the age of 19, she ran and instructed a ballet school, having dropped out of college, where she was majoring in drama. Before going into the film business, she worked as a professional dancer.

goldie hawn beofre and after pictures

Goldie has been married twice. First to actor/director Gus Trikonis, from 1969 to 1973. In 1975, she married musician Bill Hudson and became a mother, for the first time, in 1976, when she gave birth to their son, Oliver Hudson. In 1979, she had her second child with Hudson, daughter Kate Hudson. The marriage ended in divorce in 1980. Since 1983, she has been in a relationship with actor Kurt Russell.

Her first major role came in 1969 where she played a role in Cactus Flower, which bought her an Academy award. She is also a professional ballet dancer.

There are just a minute percentage of celebs left with their natural beauty. The fight to remain flawless has stuck many and Goldie Hawn is amongst them. She is in her 70s but still seems to be younger than her age. All credits to everlasting and famous cosmetic procedures which has been successful in trapping many. We can easily compare the difference with the help of before and after pictures of Goldie which reflects that she has had a lot of work done. She has got fuller breasts and now the changes in her face are significant. She has undergone breast augmentation, cheek filler, lip filler and is supposed to have Botox injections on her face.

goldie hawn nose job

Her face due to Botox injections is now wrinkle- free and her face is now very clear. Also the existing crow’s feet in the corner of her eyes are now a bit removed. Also her sagging skin around neck is removed and is smooth. It is rumored she did lip and cheek fillers in order to improve her looks and appear younger. The cheek fillers have resulted in making her younger and look sophisticated.

She in her autobiography has revealed that she has even had breast augmentation done. Her breasts are now bigger, rounder and fuller. Along with Botox injections and facelift she has had laser treatments also.

goldie hawn before and after

Opinions on Goldie Hawn plastic surgery are different. Some of her fans say that she did not have to change anything, but the other half is satisfied with her new look. Goldie denies almost every rumor, saying that everybody should age gracefully and naturally, attributing her appearance to good genes and stating that her plastic surgery is not anybody’s business. Whether she did all those correction or not, one thing is surely natural – her charming smile.


Julia Roberts Before and After Plastic Surgery Treatment


Born on 28 October, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia, to Betty Lou and Walter Grady Roberts, one-time actors and playwrights, and is of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, and Swedish descent. She had immense love for animals and always wished to become a veterinarian, but later studied journalism. With her brother gaining success in Hollywood she tried to kick start with acting and got her first break in two youth oriented movies, Mystic pizza and Satisfaction. With her coming into limelight she suddenly gained a lot of fan following and she instantly fell in love with the profession.

julia roberts plastic surgery

Her biggest success came in with her signature movie Pretty Woman in 1990, for which she even received an Oscar nomination and also won People’s Choice Award for Favourite Actress. She has always been loved for her role in various films and as various characters be it Tinkerbelle or the rom- com kind of girl.

Julia has also become involved with UNICEF charities and has made visits to many different countries, including Haiti and India, in order to promote goodwill. Julia Robert remains one of the most popular and sought-after talents in Hollywood.


Always known for her beautiful and enchanting smile, she has lately shown signs that much as she is refusing to her rumours of undergoing a plastic surgery. Her fresh and enthralling looks are clearly visible and reflected in each look of hers.

julia roberts nose job

Among the most valued Hollywood stars she is also one of them who have opted for plastic surgery to slow down the natural process of ageing.

Her ever beautiful smile is a result of her refined teeth. She has undergone a transformation from a buck- toothed girl to a girl with a shining bright smile. It is all a result of her undergoing cosmetic procedures. Her lips are not thinning as one must bear at this age, but they’re plump enough to hold the star. Also, her cheeks are not too loose to cause a breakdown and surely have undergone a change to reflect the non- wrinkling face structure.

For many ageing woman, the problem of sagging skin around their eyes is a matter of immense worry and the same was with Roberts. She has now undergone a considerable change and the change is visible. The youthfulness and vigour in her eyes is reflected and the eyelids have been very well surfaced. On comparing her before and after pictures it is clearly visible that she has even had a nose job done.

julia roberts skin lift

Regardless of these rumours, Julia Roberts has maintained that she has never sought to delay her aging in any way. In fact, she insists that she would like to age naturally so that her kids would know when she was happy, sad or in-between. At one point, she even asserted that she had risked her career by not having a facelift. People say that julia did all this surgery to fulfill her  best friend’s birthday wish, Sounds weird Right?.